The Resilience Extravaganza is a toolkit for educators to create a resilience carnival that informs and empowers students in the face of climate change. Our goals are to advance individual preparedness efforts, to spark dialogue within the school community, to gather feedback from youth and to ultimately foster behavior change.

Teach students about storm preparedness.

Engage students with the topic of resilience

Arm students with
an intra-school advocacy tool.

A game of chance and probability, Preparedness Plinko allows students the opportunity to reflect on what they know about storm safety and preparedness while learning more. A ball is dropped in the Plinko board, and depending on where it lands the student is asked a question about what to do before, during, or after a hurricane. After the students play the game, they also receive an activity book to further engage them with this information. The book is split into the three sections of before, during, and after and has a word search, maze, and hidden pictures. Bouncy balls are a fun prize to hand out with the activity books; they also symbolize how it is easier to bounce back if you have a plan in place before the storm.


Materials: ping pong balls, foam board, sewing pins

Tools: box cutter, scissors, glue sticks, color printer

Wonder Ring is a ring-toss game in which students “win” a chance to share—in the form of words or drawing— what they know, think or wonder on a wall of post-its. The activity’s goal is to spark thought and dialogue in an engaging way. Displaying all the student responses together also allows students to see patterns and clarifies common concerns. The post-its form a lifesaver shape to enforce the idea that giving these topics of resilience some forethought can be a lifesaver in the long run.


Materials: 20 glass soda bottles,, plastic bracelets, large foam board, three color packs of post-its, provided sticker template, Lifesaver candies.

Tools: baking soda, bucket of water, sticker/label paper, scissors, table. (Optional: card stock paper)

Show of Hands is a customizable voting mechanism and intra-school advocacy tool that is intended to develop out of the students' interests as they surface from the Wonder Ring game (or other sharing activity). Upon examination of collective responses on the wall, the students can identify a common concern amongst them to tackle on a larger level. For example, since from our case study many students wanted to know more about how hurricanes are formed, they could advocate for a one-day lesson on hurricanes in their science class. The voting mechanism could poll the class on the question, “Do you want a lesson on hurricanes in science class?” and the students would then be able to bring the results to the principal. Show of Hands aims to teach students that their opinions are valuable and that collective effort can create agency and lead to creative problem solving.


Materials: foam board, construction paper, clear acetate.


Tools: box cutter, scissors, stapler. (Optional: printer and paper to print banners)